How can you send an email on Gmail?


Currently, a large number of users are using Gmail and many users desire to use it. Gmail is an email service which is provided by Google and it is used to send or receive messages. Make sure, the internet connection should be present because it is an internet based service.

Most of the fresh users and some old users (which are using Gmail after a long time) don’t know that how to send an email message via Gmail. Gmail Technical Support Phone Number is here to help them and capable to provide the solution for this problem.

Process for sending an email via Gmail:-

Following are the simple guidelines which will help you in sending an email on Gmail:-

1. First of all, go to the official website of Gmail and login to your Gmail account by entering your Gmail username and password.

2. Once you log in, it will redirect you to the homepage of your Gmail account which is your Inbox.

3. You can see a “Compose” button in the top left side of the page, click on it.

4. Once you clicked on the button, a new small window will open.

5. “To” field is placed at the top of the new window where you have to enter the email address of the recipient to which you want to send your email. You can also add more than one recipient here.

6. At the right corner of “To” field, you can see a “Cc” and “Bcc” links. Now you are thinking that how can we use these links and what is the use of these links.

Cc:- Cc recipients can be add to a message for informational needs only. If you don’t want any respond from the recipients then you can add those recipients in “Cc”.

Bcc:- Bcc stands for blind copy. When you add a recipient in Bcc then the sent blind copy of message can be seen by you and that person only.

7. In “Subject” field, you have to add few words about your message.

8. Now you are ready to build your message in the next field.

9. You can attach any file by clicking the paperclip icon.

10. At last, click on the “Send” bottom which is at the bottom and your message will be send.

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