How To Add Or Remove Tabs In Gmail?


The Gmail offers us multiple of methods to make our work easy and simple. Exactly in the same manner it offers one more feature called “Gmail tab” option. Through this option user can easily organize their emails which you receive throughout the day. This simple feature helps you to manage your heap spam in a convenient way. If you find any type of little bit difficulty in this process then no issue, just follow my steps which I share below so that you will know how to add or remove your tabs in Gmail .

For computer:

  • Open your Gmail account by entering email address and password. After that in top right side you will find the option of setting icon just click on that. Now scroll down and click on setting option.


  • Then click on configure inbox and here you can check the boxes of categories which you want to use. And finally click on save button.


For android:

  • Just open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on setting option. After that choose your account


  • Then click on inbox type and select the default inbox, after that you have to tap inbox categories and click on add or remove categories.


For iphone:

  • Simple as above, open your Gmail account then go to setting option and click on configure inbox


  • Here check the boxes of categories which you want to use and click on save changes.


Remove the Gmail tab:

  • First go to browser where you want to use your Gmail account. Then go to sign in page off Gmail and enter your email address and password then click on sign in button.


  • Then go to setting and click on configure inbox. Here you can uncheck all the boxes except the primary one.


  • And finally just click on save changes.


If again you have any query or problem then immediately make a connection with Gmail technical support for best and appropriate solution. These technicians troubleshoot your all problems in an effective way by providing you complete solution.




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