How To Change Your Gmail Language Settings?


The Gmail is one of the giant web mail services with plethora of advantages and features. User can easily features in many languages. No matter from which country you belongs, you can simple use the Gmail in your own language. You can also change the language in Gmail as per your choice. But if you don’t the process of language changing then find the reliable solution here.

1) For this language setting you have to log in your Gmail account through your email address and password. Once your Gmail account is open, then go to setting icon which is shown like wheel like structure.
2) Scroll that setting icon and find the setting option and click on that. Now go to language section under the setting option.
3) Here you can choose the language as per your convenience and finally click on save changes.

You can also use Gmail to type in another language. For this process just follows the steps below:

1) Go to Gmail account through your login credential and look top right side where you will get the setting icon. Now click on setting option.
2) Then go to language section and check the box which is next to “enable input tool”
3) After that choose the language which you want to use. Once you select then click on save option.

If you are android user or iphone user then you can also do the same thing in your mobile device. Here I am share how you can do that.

For android:

1) In your android phone you have to open the setting app. Then click on language and input and select the languages.
2) Now you can drag your selected language to the top of the list.

For iphone:

1) Same, just open your setting app in your iphone. After that click on general then select language & region and choose iphone and ipad
2) After that choose preferred language and click on done option.

By this way you can easily change your Gmail signature & during this process if you found any problem then immediately contact to technical experts for instant support.



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