How To Setup 2-Step Verification In Gmail?


If you guys are serious about your Gmail account then you have to go with 2-step verification process. But might be possible some of the users are not aware of this term and do not know how to set up 2-step verification in Gmail. So, before setup this process I will share some important facts about 2-step.

This 2-step verification is most popular way to secure your Gmail account. This feature provide extra layer of security in your Gmail account and protect from unauthorized users. This process is also called “multi factor authentication” which is not only require password or username but it also require something which user has on them like some piece of information that only user should know. If you are using 2-step verification method in your Gmail account then there is less number of chances of identity theft on the internet. Most of the users do not know about this feature but through this post you will find the setup process and make your account more secure.

How do I enable 2-step verification process in Gmail?

1) First go to Google’s account page i.e. & if you are not sign in here then quickly sign through your email address and password. That sign in option is located at top right corner of the page.

2) After that click on “sign in security” option which is on the left side of the page.

3) Then scroll it and click on 2-step verification. Here if it intimates ON then it means your 2-step verification is already setup.

4) After that click on “get started” this is located at bottom right corner of the page in blue color.

5) Now you have to enter your Google account password. Make sure this step confirms your identity with Google before continuing and click on sign in button.

6) Once you click on that, it will automatically take you next page where you have to enter your phone number.

7) Then just click on code option. If you are selecting the text message, which means you will receive a code through text message and if you select phone call then you receive a code through phone call.

8) After that click on next button which is located at top bottom right corner of the page.

9) Now Google will sends you a code and you have to enter your code then click on next button.

10) Finally click on turn on button which enables your 2-step verification for your Google account.



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