How To Show Category Labels In Message List?


Through Gmail’s label feature we can easily manage our emails in an innovative and intuitive way. The label is one of the most important concepts which encounter in Gmail. This label feature allows you to quickly access and sort through related information. In Gmail you can apply more than one label and easily manage your all mailing activities. Well this Gmail label is a new way of looking at message management. Basically in this post I let you know how to add new label and how to show category labels in message.

• Open the Gmail and click on label button in your Gmail toolbar
• Once you scroll the label you will some of the options such as: social, promotions, forum etc. It means you can use either one of them or you can also create new label. Make sure, once you selected the label, this will applied to all the selected conversations.

Through this label feature we can simply categorize the message the way we want them to be grouped. But by default this category label is not visible on each message but don’t worry it’s not a big issue. User can choose to show them in their message list. Make sure this label feature is not visible when viewing the inbox tabs but still you find this feature useful when searching or if you turned off the tabs. You can simply follow the post so that you will know how to show category labels in message list.

1) First go to Gmail login page and enter your email address and password then hit the sign in button.
2) Once you benter in your Gmail go to your label list which is located at left side of your Gmail account.
3) Then click on more option at the bottom of your label list
4) After that find the categories and expand the list by the help of using the down arrow icon
5) Now move to category name like: social etc and press the down arrow icon which is appear to the right side of the name
6) Then look for option in the message list and select show.

That’s it. You can also make a direct connection with technical experts for step by step guidance and for quick solution incase if you find any difficulty. These experts are fully capable to solve your problem regarding Gmail.



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