How To Split Your Emails With The Help Of Gmail Priority Inbox?


If we are talking about the incredible features in mailing then only Gmail is best free web mail service who offers plethora of features and services for their users. Looking for excellence storage capacity, mail backup, managing contacts, setup auto responder etc then Gmail is perfectly fit here because it offers these kind of amazing features so that user can easily maintain their all activities and work within time.

Exactly in the same way, the Gmail offer one more feature i.e. Priority inbox feature. Through this feature you can easily sort your all important mail. Here you can easily split their messages into three sections such as: important, unread and starred. So how can you turn on this priority inbox feature in Gmail? If you have no idea regarding this, then simply follow the steps which I mention here so that you will know how to setup the priority inbox in your Gmail.

• First go to your Gmail account and enter your email address and password
• Once you enter in your Gmail account then click on inbox type option which is located at top left side.
• In inbox type, you have to select the priority inbox feature
• Then select other inbox setting which you want and finally click on save changes button.

Exactly in the same way you can use this feature in your android phone also.

• In your android phone you have to open the Gmail app. After that hit menu icon which is located at top left side of your Gmail.
• Now click on setting option. Then choose your account and click on inbox type.
• Here you will get the option of priority inbox, once you will get it just click on that button.

If you are iphone user then simply you can set this in your iphone also.

• Open the Gmail in your respective browser like: Google chrome, internet explorer etc.
• Then go to setting option on top right side. Then click on inbox tab
• Now choose the priority inbox option and click on save changes option.

If any problem has occur when you set your priority inbox feature then quickly contact to Gmail technical support for desired support. They deal with all issues which encountered problem and prevents you to access the Gmail. To know more Contact Gmail Help Number



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