How To Use Search Operators In Gmail?


The Gmail is most powerful web email service provider because it comes with so many interesting features and services. The Gmail have some hidden features which makes the user task simple and easy. Exactly in the same way Gmail provide one more feature i.e. “search operator”. I know some of the users are not familiar with this search feature which is located at top in Gmail (search bar). Once you click on the arrow which is located on search bar, a new form will appear.

This form is the shortcut if any of the users want to search in a specific folder/label, the email subject, an email from or to a specific person etc. Here I share some advanced search operators in Gmail:

• Filename: in this advanced operators user can easily search emails with attachment. User can also pair it with any file name including file type also.

• After: &before: if you want to search any certain date then this option is best suitable for you. You can simply search any date and use them together to search a time frame.

• Has: operator: by the help of this feature user can search emails starred with specific starred.

• Is: chats: if any of the users want to find the details of their conversation then you have to go with this option.

• Subject: user can search the subject line. For example: “subject: jobs” here you can find all the messages with jobs in the subject.

• From: you can search Gmail for email address and sender name.

• To: this is also for names and email address.

• Cc: through this you can search the recipients in Cc field.

• Bcc: here user can search the Gmail for name and address and Bcc field.

How you can search a mail in Gmail?

1) First you have to type the search item which you want to search in Gmail.
2) After that move to mail search quickly by pressing /
3) And finally click on enter button and hit the magnifying glass button.

Most probably sometime user have to face the problem in search operators, if it happens then immediately get in touch with Gmail technical support for quick assistance. They facilitate the best solution to overcome of your problem regarding Gmail. Get Tips to resolved your Gmail issue 



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