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How To Add Or Remove Tabs In Gmail?

The Gmail offers us multiple of methods to make our work easy and simple. Exactly in the same manner it offers one more feature called “Gmail tab” option. Through this option user can easily organize their emails which you receive throughout the day. This simple feature helps you to manage your heap spam in a convenient way. If you find any type of little bit difficulty in this process then no issue, just follow my steps which I share below so that you will know how to add or remove your tabs in Gmail .

For computer:

  • Open your Gmail account by entering email address and password. After that in top right side you will find the option of setting icon just click on that. Now scroll down and click on setting option.
  • Then click on configure inbox and here you can check the boxes of categories which you want to use. And finally click on save button.

For android:

  • Just open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on setting option. After that choose your account
  • Then click on inbox type and select the default inbox, after that you have to tap inbox categories and click on add or remove categories.

For iphone:

  • Simple as above, open your Gmail account then go to setting option and click on configure inbox
  • Here check the boxes of categories which you want to use and click on save changes.

Remove the Gmail tab:

  • First go to browser where you want to use your Gmail account. Then go to sign in page off Gmail and enter your email address and password then click on sign in button.
  • Then go to setting and click on configure inbox. Here you can uncheck all the boxes except the primary one.
  • And finally just click on save changes.

If again you have any query or problem then immediately make a connection with Gmail technical support for best and appropriate solution. These technicians troubleshoot your all problems in an effective way by providing you complete solution.


Why You Are Required To Change Your Gmail Password & How?

All the users are very serious and concern about their password. Here password could be anything like: your Gmail account password, your ATM related password, your bank account password etc. You want to protect your password from the outsiders or hackers at any cost. You didn’t want someone hack you’re any account and access your all personal and professional information. But in what circumstances you have to change your password? Just go through the details where you know why you have to change your Gmail password and how you are capable to change your Gmail password.

• Whenever you set your password, always prefer more than 8 characters long password so that there is less chances of your account hacking. But if you prefer less than 8 characters password then it gives a loop hole for user so that they easily hack your all important data and make you helpless.

• Never share your credential information with your friends, colleagues etc might be possible they access your account without your knowledge and hack your all data and information.

• There is a common mistake which mostly user do, they use only one password for their all email account and as well for their social account too. Make sure this seems very serious issue for you. So always prefer different password for your email account and social networking sites.

• Never prefer simple password because it gives a lead to hackers and they easily steal your all confidential data and information.

But if you think that some other user access your account so immediately change the password of your Gmail account.

• First choose the browser where you want to open your Gmail account then type www.gmail.com. Once you enter in it, go to sign in option and type your email address and password and click on sign in button.

• After entering in your Gmail account, then click on setting icon which is situated at top right side. Now scroll down your cursor and choose the setting option. Once you find it, just hit it.

• Then new window will appear where you have to select the option of account and import, now hit that option.

• After that click on change account setting and click on change password.

It’s almost done, but if you experience any kind of problem then immediately contact to technical experts.

How to group emails into conversation for Computer, Android &in Gmail?

Gmail has lots of convenient features same as it is Gmail include one more feature called conversation feature. The Gmail organize their mails into different pattern like: conversation, group of message and so on. This Gmail’s new feature provides you context of mail by displaying previous related messages. Some of the features of conversation are:

• If users search anything, the results are shown along with related message.

• The user can view their own replies in context

• You can easily caught your all conversation once you get back to your vacation

When any users open this conversation feature, the entire unread message will automatically broadly open for you to read. And instead of this your all sent messages will be displayed in context with conversation. Suppose any person search for mail and click on conversation, the message that match your search will be expanded. Sometime it becomes difficult to reply in all conversation that’s why if we enable this conversation feature, we can send the message to large group. Because the conversation contains the message between the large group of people.

But if people are new on Gmail then might be possible they didn’t know how to group email into conversation. If this type of problem is faced by you then simply follow the points which I share below. So that you can easily fetch out your all problem.

For Computer:

• Open the Gmail login page and sign in with the help of your email address and password. Then move to top right side where you found the icon setting, just click on that.

• In setting option scroll down to the conversation view section. After that choose conversation view ON or conversation view OFF and click on save change at the bottom of the page.

For Android:

• In android, just open your Gmail app and click on menu icon which is located at top left side. Then tap on setting and general setting.

• After that check or uncheck the boxes which are next to conversation view.

If again you interact with any kind of issue regarding Gmail, then make a direct connection with Gmail technical support for better and quick solution.

How to remove duplicate contacts in Gmail?

Whenever we are talking about email management, only Gmail is web mail service who can easily manage the email and organize it in an effective manner so that user can find their all mails without any issue. This email management facility is unique feature of Gmail which helps the user to manage their emails. But apart from that, user can do lots of thing with Gmail such as:

  • If you are worried about the unnecessary email then you can easily create filters and get rid of this problem.
  • Through this you can sync your all contact with Gmail id.
  • No issue, if some of your mail gets deleted by mistakenly. Here you can easily recover it the delete mail in Gmail.
  • In Gmail, through labs you can easily create the Google calendar.
  • You can easily set the desktop notification and get message when any new mails have arrives.

As discussed above, if you ever imported contact and found yourself lost in lots of duplicates which becomes tedious and complicated for the user because they didn’t know how to remove the duplicate contact in Gmail? If you manually looking for duplicates become very time consuming but by the help of Gmail merge feature you can easily identify the duplicate and merge them easily. So here we start, so that you can easily solve this problem.

  • Open your Gmail account in your respective browser. Once you enter your email address and passwords then you are capable to enter your Gmail account.
  • Now you have to click on Gmail which is located at left side shown on red color.
  • Then click on contact in the drop down menu.
  • After that you have to click on more option then again click on find and merge duplicates option.
  • Then click on details option and finally click on merge when you are ready to merge the duplicates accounts.

If again you found any kind of technical issue, then immediately contact to Gmail technical support. These technicians offer you quick and most reliable support and troubleshoot your solution.