How To Protect Your Gmail Password From Hacking?


Hacking of Gmail account is a very disastrous for every account holder. If you are using a Gmail account and suddenly someone hack your Gmail password so it will be a horrible feeling. The reason behind this, is stealing of your information or someone may misuse your Gmail account. Most of the Gmail users don’t know that how to secure their Gmail account from hacking but we are here to tell you that it is very much possible to secure your Gmail account that no one can hack it. You can use some methods which help you in securing your Gmail account.

Secure Your Gmail Password From Hacking

Gmail Customer Support is providing you some of the best methods to protect your Gmail account from hacking:-

1. Use a long and strong password

Firstly you have to make a long and strong password for the protection of your Gmail password from hacking. We are suggesting you to avoid your name, family member’s name, address, phone number and some other common details as your password because these details are commonly known to many people. They may easily hack your Gmail account. You should choose a Gmail password which is random for other people but is known to you. You can choose a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters to create a strong password.

2. Make a habit to change your Gmail password time to time

In case, you are signing in your Gmail account and someone sees your password then he/she may be try to hack your Gmail account by using your password. You need to change your password on a regular interval of time to avoid this situation.

3. Use Authentication methods for your Gmail account

It is recommended to choose alternate email address, security questions or phone number to get the code for authentication. Whenever any unauthorized person tries to hack your Gmail account then Google will send a code on your phone number. Hacking of password will become almost impossible for the person.

4. Store your Gmail passwords in a secure manner

You need to avoid writing your password on a paper and keeping that paper in your wallet, avoid storing the password at an unsafe place and don’t use email password on a public computer. Always use a password manager to store your Gmail passwords which store your Gmail password in an encrypt form that no one can steal it.

If you want to change your Gmail password then don’t worry because our specialists are here to help you.



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