What Can I Do If My Gmail Account Has Locked?


The Google is very serious about your Gmail account; if he finds any suspicious activity in your Gmail account then he temporarily locked your account. If any users misbehave with Google term and conditions then it will strike out the access to the service. Here are some of the following activities which may lock down your Gmail account.

• If any user send large amount un-deliverable messages
• If you use Gmail at many locations
• If user receive, delete or download messages through POP, IMAP in short period of time
• If you sync Gmail on many computers, clients and mobile devices

The Google can easily detect any suspicious and unusual activity on your Gmail account and its filter mark it as a spam or locked your account. In this case you have to wait for up to 30 to 40 hours for account recovery but if still there is problem then find few solutions to get back your Gmail account.

How do I recover my locked Gmail account?

1) If you want to recover your username then go to Google sign in page and hit the “need help” button. After that click on find my account option then choose either “enter your recovery email address” or “enter your recovery phone number” then type your name and click on “I’m not robot option” and hit the submit button.

2) Once you successfully complete this process then Google will sends you email or text message which contain your username.

3) If you remember your username but there is password related issue then you can reset your password, for this go to Google sign in page and click on need help button. Here you have to enter your email address and click on next button.

4) After that enter the last remember password and hit on next button. But if you can’t then click on try a different question, here you have to answer some questions and then you are able to recover your account.

5) Now Google will sent a verification code to reset your password and once you receive the code then click on next button.

6) After that a new page will appear where you have to type your password and again retype your password and click on change password. By this way you successfully reset your password.

Still your Gmail account is locked then quickly gets in touch with technical experts for immediate support.



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