Why You Are Required To Change Your Gmail Password & How?


All the users are very serious and concern about their password. Here password could be anything like: your Gmail account password, your ATM related password, your bank account password etc. You want to protect your password from the outsiders or hackers at any cost. You didn’t want someone hack you’re any account and access your all personal and professional information. But in what circumstances you have to change your password? Just go through the details where you know why you have to change your Gmail password and how you are capable to change your Gmail password.

• Whenever you set your password, always prefer more than 8 characters long password so that there is less chances of your account hacking. But if you prefer less than 8 characters password then it gives a loop hole for user so that they easily hack your all important data and make you helpless.

• Never share your credential information with your friends, colleagues etc might be possible they access your account without your knowledge and hack your all data and information.

• There is a common mistake which mostly user do, they use only one password for their all email account and as well for their social account too. Make sure this seems very serious issue for you. So always prefer different password for your email account and social networking sites.

• Never prefer simple password because it gives a lead to hackers and they easily steal your all confidential data and information.

But if you think that some other user access your account so immediately change the password of your Gmail account.

• First choose the browser where you want to open your Gmail account then type www.gmail.com. Once you enter in it, go to sign in option and type your email address and password and click on sign in button.

• After entering in your Gmail account, then click on setting icon which is situated at top right side. Now scroll down your cursor and choose the setting option. Once you find it, just hit it.

• Then new window will appear where you have to select the option of account and import, now hit that option.

• After that click on change account setting and click on change password.

It’s almost done, but if you experience any kind of problem then immediately contact to technical experts.



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